Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love and Beauty Neon Yellow

This polish was a major pain in the butt but so worth it! The first time I wore this it was a thick, gloopy, streaky mess! This time, I put in 10 or 20 drops of nail polish thinner which helped a bit.I could have done 2 coats but I saw a hint of VNL so I opted for 3.
The polish was so bright it made my camera go all wonky so I had a hard time capturing the neon-ness. It really is a highlighter yellow creme that leans a little toward blue.

On a personal note, thank you all for thinking about my pup. He's not doing much better this morning but I'm keeping my highlighter yellow fingers crossed!


  1. What a BRIGHT color. You should have warned me to get my shades on.

  2. Very bright it looks pretty on you:)