Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Under the Stars

This one is perhaps my biggest nail polish disappointment to date. I ordered this during the RBL 50% off sale after coveting it for months! I just love dark colors with unexpected shimmer. I mean...just look at the bottle!
Look at the blue glitter! Unfortunately, I found what many other have also found. The glitter sticks to the side of the bottle and give a really inaccurate representation of what the actually color is on the nail.

Pretty...but just not what I was expecting. BUT...having said all that I still can't say enough about the formula. It was opaque in one coat. Coverage was massively even and smooth. I just didn't dig the color. (I hope lightning doesn't strike me for bashing the holy grail of polish brands!)

BTW...sorry my pics are so washed out. I took them while snowed the light was really bright!


  1. I am disappointed with some of the RBL colors I bought too. I love the teal and grey colors, and No More War (an olive/army green color) is beautiful, but to be honest two of the colors I ordered look exactly alike, and the descriptions were misleading. I'm glad I only paid half price too lol.

  2. I was expecting more from it, same as you... But it´s still pretty :)