Saturday, March 5, 2011

Guest Blogger!

Hi everyone!

So Mrs. Lacquer has two huge tests this week and is busy busy busy studying her butt off! Because she cares so much about her readers and the health of her blog she decided to let me, her nail polish protege, post for her this week. I'm ready and eager for the opportunity!
This is me jumping for joy because I'm excited to be the guest blogger this week!
(The joy in this pic also comes from graduating in December, but the sentiment is the same lol).

DISCLAIMER: I am not, by any means, a nail polish expert. My journey through the beautiful world of nail polish began mearly one year ago. Let's turn the clock back to March 2010.... (cue the time-travel music)...... As the mist clears, we see a poor grad student, plain nails and a super busy schedule. Then from the heavens descends a magical topcoat.... Seche Vite! This amazing topcoat speeds up drying time and prolongs the life of a manicure, allowing the poor grad student to quickly paint her nails without worrying about chipping and smudging. Who brought this game-changing info into my life? None other than Mrs. Lacquer herself! Thank goodness she shared her nail knowledge with me; my nails have not been bare since!

(Ok, back to present day) SO that is the beginning of my polish obsession. I don't know all the polish blog lingo, and I'm not familiar with the exclusive or elusive brands or colors, but I do have a deep love for all things lacquer and I'm excited to share this with you!

This week I have some fun ideas to post: more on the Konad nail stamps, a focus on ballerina pinks, my top 5, and an honest look at Rescue Beauty Lounge. Let's have an awesome week!

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