Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since my blog is fairly new I'm still working on customizing the layout and design to make sure it looks unique. I found this website through How About Orange, one of my favorite non-nail polish blogs, and had to share it! Its called ColourLovers and it has a tool that allows you to create your own backgrounds. I've always loved paisely prints and I'm on a jewel tone kick. Using that inspiration it took me all of 5 minutes to register and to create this little beauty:

And just because I can't do a post without talking about nail polish...look at what my dog did to my RBL Under the Stars!

Do you have any blog design advice? Have your dogs (or cats, children, etc) ever destroyed a bottle of nail polish?


  1. I like this creative look on your blog. My best advice isn't much and is just to do what makes you feel good because if you don't like it, why would other's like it? (ya, their not all golden with me, lol)

    As for random animals and my nail lacquer, my kitteh likes to knock things off the table and lacquer is no exception but no permanent damage has been done yet. Most lacquer lovers keep their stuff in a Helmer found at Ikea, I have a half bookcase and a bunch of $1 store plastic/lidded tubs and keep it all in those by brand on my bookshelf so the kitteh cannot get into them. At least your doggie has good taste, lol.

  2. OMG. That is an expensive bottle of nail polish to be chewing up!!! At lease he has good taste :)

  3. I thought he had good taste until he decided to chew up several used cotton pads with nail polish remover on them! UGH! That dog!!! He's gonna kill the only brain cells he has left!