Monday, January 31, 2011


What should I do on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I have the hugest test of my life looming in my near future??? Paint my nails of course! I started with the best intentions (notice my notes spread across my desk) but my office is also my polish room so it's easy to get distracted. For some reason I decided to dig out some oldies out of my stash ( Mr. Wrong is a new edition but the rest are old as crap):
(From left to right: Milani Honey Coated, Sally Hansen Wildfire Opal, Hard Candy Mr. Wrong, Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis, and Revlon Twilight.)
After a few days of Purple Rain I was ready for something a little more subtle. I tried some layering which turned out disastrously ugly and I won't bother posting them. However, although Honey Coated is kinda bland in normal light in the sunlight it suprised me with a blue flash!

The sun went down before I could take a picture of my final manicure but it was umpteen coats of Honey Coated (it was very sheer and I can't function with VNL) with one coat of Twilight on top.
It turned out to be a very luminous, glowy, pink. I'm not a pink kinda girl but I'm really loving it!

What unexpected laying combinations have you created?

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