Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nars Purple Rain

This polish should be called BAM! Cause that's what I think about my nails every time I see the fabulous hot pink sparkle deep in that dark purple yumminess!

See!? BAM! You were thinking it too right? I love how it looks dark and vampy in some lights and in others you can see that insane pink flash! This is one of the few polishes that I have worn so many times I'm going to have to buy another bottle. And my supervisor is gone tomorrow so I'm taking over the caseload all by myself and rockin' this color while I do it so...BAM!

(And despite what my dry, cold, wrinkly hands would see to imply I am actually 26 and not 46 like my skin seems to appear. Note to self- macro setting on my camera does nothing for my self-esteem! )

And just so we all can get a good laugh...look at the rims I saw driving home yesterday!? Its hard to tell but those blades stick out at least 8 inches!!! I was seriously afraid to pass this car because all I could think of was his rims ripping my tires to shreds! I think he was a fan of Inspector Gadget as a kid.


  1. LOve the color on your nails. Short nails ROCK vampy rich colors like that and yours definitely do.

  2. thanks my dear! i realized i had to go short after i accidentally scratched a little kid during a rousing game of Candy Land! :)