Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wet n Wild's Gray's Anatomy and Sinful Color's Mint Apple

I need to be spending all my free time studying for my upcoming comps and my state licensing what do I do? I paint my nails, take pictures, blog, and repeat. I'm now less than 3 weeks away from the 2 biggest tests of my life and I know I really need to crack down on studying. So hopefully you will take it easy on me if all I show you today is Wet n Wild's Gray's Anatomy over Sinful Color's Mint Apple (from yesterday's post.)

I do have to let y'all know...all 21 readers of mine (WOW! 21! I'm so stoked!!!) that my posts may become a little sporadic until the middle of March (which is when I take my exams.) After that it's smooth sailing until graduation in May. So please bear with me...and if I can promise you anything it's that I'll have a TON of new polish to post because I am an emotional shopper and buying polish is the best remedy for stress :)

Also, check out this cool post over at Scrangie where she compares Wet n Wild's Gray's Anatomy to Deborah Lippmann's Wicked might be surprised at her verdict!


  1. LOVE mint apple (= looks great!

  2. You saved me the effort of putting Grey's Anatomy over green. I've experimented with it over black and purple and was gonna hit green and red just to check it out.

    Good luck studying and good luck on your exams!

  3. @cathryn: Thanks! :)

    @Lacquer Ware: I hadn't thought about putting it over black! Of course! Great idea!!! That'll have to wait until my next study break ;)