Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

So remember way back when mint-green colors were all the rage. I'm not sure where it started...maybe Essie's Mint Candy Apple. Well, I sure as heck jumped right on that bandwagon and now I seem to have accumulated more than my fair share of light greens. It's strange because I don't consider myself a green kinda girl. So why I bought Sinful Colors Mint Apple I have no idea. Like most of us...I have a problem. It's cool...I'm not afraid to admit it. But put a pretty lacquer in front of me, tell me it's on sale and it's all downhill from there.

I used 3 coats...2 probably would have been fine but I was in a hurry and wanted no chance of a VNL. Application was good but dry time seemed longer than most even with SV...maybe my coats were too thick. I really really liked this one. It's a spring green that might lean a little more to the blue side in some lights. What I really love is the hidden shimmer. I really can't tell if it's gold or silver shimmer. Either adds this nice dimension to a polish that could have otherwise been a little blah.

Here it is in the looks a little more blue but we're definitely not talking about For Audrey blue here. I like the kind of colors that keep you it green? is it blue? is it green-blue or blue-green? Anyway, here it is. Mint Apple (come on...really we're copying Essie's names now!?)

And here it is in the sun! BAM!

I really can't wait to wear this one as a pedi as it starts to warm up. Maybe with some chunky gold glitter on top?

Oh yeah...and I DEFINITELY found this strange website when I googled how to spell "definitely"...I really wish I had that kind of time on my hands!


  1. This is one of my very favorite polishes. Top 10 for sure.

  2. This is definitely a gorgeous polish :)

  3. @Madeline: It really is lovely! And it's a great polish to have in your top 10 that doesn't break the bank!

    @Beauty by Brittany: I think it's that unexpected shimmer that just kicks it over the top for me! That and it doesn't make my skin look sickly and pasty like some light greens can!