Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink Lovelies :)

Hello! I hope everyone's week is going splendidly! Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday- I'm ready for the weekend!

So, here is my confession: I have been on a baby-pink kick lately. I can't explain it; ballerina pink on nails used to be a pet peeve of mine, but now it is the only color I seem to be buying. Who knows?!

While browsing at Ulta, I saw several polish brands with baby pinks. Essie has a polish quad of baby pinks, and I read (somewhere) that light pink is going to be an "in" color this spring due to the popularity of the movie "Black Swan." I don't know how that movie would move someone to wear pink; if you have seen it you know that it is a pretty dark story. Again, who knows?!?! But pink is our topic today, and I would like to present five lovely light pinks to ballerina-ize your nails!

Thumb: Revlon "Sweet Tart"

Ok, I threw this one in to make it an even hand.... it isn't techniqually a ballerina-pink (at least to me), but it is a pretty pink. It was very thick- I generally stop at two coats, but after one it was opaque. I'm not a fan of this on fingers, but it would be cute on tan summer toes :)


Pointer: Sinful Colors "Beautiful Girl"

Sinful Colors is one of my favorite brands. It is super cheap (2 for $3), which means I don't have to feel guilty when I buy two (or three or four) at the local Walgreens when I pick up my prescription. For such an inexpensive brand the quality is really nice and there are lots of cute colors to choose from. This pink is creamy and light but not obnoxious, and when I think of its name I start singing (beautiful girls all over the world, they've got nothing on you baaaaabyyyyy).


Middle: Sinful Colors "Easy Going"

So the name of this polish does NOT do it any justice. It really should be called I LOVE THIS COLOR (all caps means business). It is a perfect light pink that sways on the verge of white. It makes fingers look super tan, and two coats gives you perfect coverage. This is going to be a polish that I'll have to buy multiples of; one bottle will not be enough!


Ring: Wet 'n' Wild "Sugar Coat"

This was a random buy about 9 months ago... it was very inexpensive and seemed like the perfect baby pink. It was sheerer than I was hoping, but after two to three coats it was opaque and had a subtle sheen. Instead of being ballerina pink, it really is a nude-pink. (I'm baring my nail polish soul in this blog: I'm not a huge fan of the nude polishes. It makes me feel like my fingernails are scabbed over. I know what you're thinking- this girl is a strange one! I guess I just haven't found the right nude). So to say that this is a pretty nude-pink is saying a lot from me.


Pinkie: Essie "We Can Do It Pink!"

Confession #3: This is my first purchase of an Essie polish. There, I said it. I've ogled polished in the Essie section at Ulta, but this was my first (and I got it for only $3- cha-ching!). On the nail, it is a barely-pink/beige that leans more on the white/beige side. To be honest, I don't know why it is called a pink. I was hoping that it would be a light pink/lavender, but the grey undertones make it much more beige than pink. My first go at Essie was a little bit disappointing, but I will not forsake Essie! Plus, at that price who could be mad??


So there you have it! Pretty pink polishes!

What are some of your favorite pinks???

What polish confession do you have to share?


  1. looooove sinful colors "beautiful girl" its like the ideal pink for me :D

  2. You should round out your collection with Zoya Bela!

  3. Sometimes ya gotta be pink! I think its a very cute mani!

  4. I'm glad you did a post devoted to pink Martha...its a color that is highly underrepresented on my blog and probably will continue to be lol...btw round of applause for your awesome posts! I love having a guest blogger as amazing as you :)

  5. @Cathryn: Beautiful Girl is such a sweet color! We are so lucky that our faves are so inexpensive :)

    @Ya Gotta Hand It to Me: I almost bought that one! There is another Zoya, "Emma" that is a pretty pink too. I need to go on a Zoya shopping spring lol.

    @Lacquer Ware: Thanks! I gotta rep the pink! It's a classic :)

    @ Mrs. Lacquer: I've had so much fun blogging for you this week! Good luck on your tests! After they're over we'll have to have a nail-stamping party!!