Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 5

I know the anticipation has been killing yall... How much longer will you have to wait for my list of my top 5 polishes??? Well, the wait is over!

#5: LA Splash "Crimson Tide"

This fun color is a dark maroon/red infused with several colors of red and pink glitter. It is a neutral-ish colors with a BAM of glitter that is eye-popping! It requires a pretty thick basecoat though; the glitter takes a bit more effort than normal to remove from the nail. Mrs. Lacquer and I decided that "Crimson Tide" does not do the color justice; we instead deem it "Bloody Red Cherries."

#4: Revlon "Minted"

Last summer I discovered this light green shade (actually, Mrs. Lacquer pointed it out while we were shopping at Target and I had to buy it too lol) and since then it is one of my favorites! My mom called it "Shrek toes" when I wore it, but it is such a lovely light green that goes on opaque (and is not Shrek-y at all!). This is the exact color that I think of when speaking of mint, and compared to every other minty color I've seen it is #1!

#3: Sinful Colors: "Easy Going"
I've already paid homage to this LOVELY pink in my previous post, but I can't help but include it in my top 5. My polish style has always been dark purples/greys/browns/blues - basically neutrals - but this is surpassed them all! It looks so crisp and clean on the nail, and the pink is so light and pretty. I cannot say to many great things about this polish! It definitely does not disappoint!

#2: Incoco Dry Nail Applique: French Manicure Tips

Ok, so technically this one isn't a polish, BUT it is something that I buy on a regular basis and keep in my polish bucket for times when I'm feeling a little French. These appliques are easy-to-apply tips that look fabulous and fool everyone into thinking you've gone acrylic. There are 20 tips in the case, so I am able to get two separate applications for each hand. It comes with a small nail file and a cuticle stick- complete application in one box! If you're considering purchasing these tips, be sure to apply to clean nails, then top with a basecoat and then SV. The great thing about these tips is when there is chipping on the ends, you can just trim your nails and you have a fresh-looking manicure :) This is definitely one of my go-to's.

#1: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: "Commander in Chic"
For me, there is nothing I have discovered that can surpass Commander in Chic. This is the first polish that I purchased and the one that started the obsession. I first saw it on Mrs. Lacquer's fingers.... I remember the day distinctly: We were talking in the kitchen at the speech therapy clinic at our school, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her nails! (She shared the secret of SV with me that day too... my life has never been the same!) This color is the perfect blend of purple and grey and is a fun way to have a neutral nail without going with the usual suspects. The brush in this line of polishes is really great too; it is rounded at the ends and helps achieve a clean shape while painting. If you haven't tried it, go for it! Then let me know how much you love it :)

Bonus! OPI Correct & Clean Up Refillable Corrector Pen

Ha! Little did you know that you would be getting a bonus 6th favorite! I'm always trying to keep you on your toes :) This corrector pen is something I picked up at Ulta and was a wonderful purchase that I use everytime I polish. It is filled with polish remover and has a felt tip that can be used to clean up cuticles or polish lines. Admittedly, I am not the cleanest polisher, so this has been a life-saver for me! After a manicure I used to clean my cuticles in the shower the next morning, but no more! The felt tip works well (it comes with a second tip as a replacement) and the pen is re-fillable with your choice of remover. It cost about $7, but it was definitely worth it for me!
So there you have it! My top 5!
On an unrelated note, Mrs. Lacquer is taking one of her huge comprehensive tests tomorrow (Friday) morning and the other on Saturday morning. Send your prayers and happy thoughts her way!
Which polishes are on your list? I'm eager to hear about your favorites!

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