Monday, January 17, 2011

Work Appropriate Colors

I start my internship tomorrow (YIKES!) at an elementary school. I am so excited to get started and meet my kiddos and my supervisor but I am dreading how much I will have to tone down my polish choices. I am hoping to start off with professional looking colors then try to slowly transition into something more flashy. My plan is to start off with some subtle, neutral, non-VNL choices, then move into some grey cremes, then maybe some more adventuresome cremes, then and only then I might bust out some glitters! Sadly I think I'll have to save my Sally Hansen Salon Effects for the weekends! Oh well!

The color I'm planning on wearing for my first day is...drum roll...Ulta's Soho Pretty (I just LOVE that name). I had seen this polish in the stores but it was Chloe's pictures that first made me realize how pretty it was! If you haven't already added Chloe's blog to your list of blog's to read I highly recommend it! Her pictures are exquisite and I would kill to have nails as beautiful as hers!

I will try to post pictures of my First Day Manicure tonight.

Do you have any other suggestions for work appropriate colors? What colors have you worn on your first day on the job?


  1. I'm a clinical therapist for adolescents and I wear every blingy bling I want to. Nobody cares as there is so much else going on. LOL I get what you mean though about being subtle and easing into it especially when you are trying to make a good impression and do things the "best" way.

    Some gentle and fun colors: I love ChG Spin Me Round which happens to be a mannequin hands mani for me...with a holo twist. Just awesome so it seems like you're wearing something very subtle but YOU know the holo is there. I actually wore that color for the job interview to this job I now have.

    Almost any sheer can be layered a bit to show some color but not be too "in your face" like Orly Fantasea, OPI Give Me the Moon, OPI I'm a Princess, You're Not!, Zoya Zara, Zoya Christina. For more inexpensive, you can find a lot of the Pure Ice for $2 and many of them are sheer.

    Good luck and enjoy your first day of internship. :)

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for the suggestions! That's really neat that you are a clinical therapist! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist (in-training) but (coincidentally) my mom is a clinical psychologist!

    LOVE China Glaze Spin Me Round...I just may have to pick that one up! :)

    Thanks so much for the well wishes!

  3. lucky me I do not have to worry about "work appropriate" colors... it's casual Friday at my office every day :)... I hope that when I move on to bigger and better things, my future bosses are just as lenient.... well about nail colors at least :)

  4. What a dream job! "casual Friday every day"! How neat! I think that as you move up in the world people care less and less about silly things like nail colors and more about the important things you do you job! What a concept! :)

  5. My go-to professional color is Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic. For me, the grey-purple is the "new neutral." AND that color is extra special because that was the first polish I bought since becoming polish-obsessed lol. AND you, Hilary, told me about that polish, which makes it even more special :) awww mushy lol!!

  6. Commander in Chic...the polish that started it all! And don't get all gushy on me! You know how squeamish that makes me! ;)